March 12, 2021



Photo Credit : Myriam Zilles

The U.S.A. is renowned for exorbitant healthcare - but this is not about that. We all know the story. And this isn’t about the U.S.A. It is about how we pay for this.

This is more an observation that regardless of whether you think you are covered. Really - are you sure? If you are living in a country like Canada, New Zealand, the UK - healthcare is ‘a human right’. But what kind of healthcare? And which humans? With no limits?

Again, no need to get into it - the arguments around all of this will be … are being … made in other places.

Bottom line on this story - it turns out that while I THOUGHT I was covered. Turns out that MAYBE I am not. Turns out that there are nuances in language as to how something gets interpreted and yes - of course all healthcare isn’t free. Somebody has to pay for it.

But that financial pressure is just one more thing to add to the weight of what ‘came down’ just a couple of weeks ago.

It’s all part of the journey.

I will write more later.

See my other Commentary here.


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