March 26, 2021



Photo Credit : Wesley Tingey

I could cue the song - but that’s not what I am talking about.

One of the big recurring complaints about large enterprises like Comcast, Amazon, Wells Fargo (and all banks are guilty) is how they engage with their customers. The process is designed totally around what’s good for the business - not the customer. Dont take my word for it - next time you dial in to one of those call centers, count how many times you are transferred to someone else much less how long it takes to prove to them who you are.

Hospitals are no different. Except that when you are dealing with large corporations at least you start healthy. (I say start - I often come off call center calls feeling nautious).

But when you are sick …. well the pressure doubles down. Right?

For one reason or another I have 6 different depts that I need to engage with. So I have 6 different coordinators. It is my job to balance calendars, paperwork, bills … but even a single department asks for the same form to be completed and submitted over each and every time you have an appointment.

When this moves to daily visits - I wounder if that will change.

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