March 28, 2019

Facebook and Google Can’t Even Track Their Own Money

A man stole $122m from Facebook and Google by sending them random bills, which the companies dutifully paid

“Last week, Evaldas Rimasauskas of Lithuania plead guilty to US wire fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering charges, admitting that he had stolen $99m from Facebook and $23m from Google between 2013 and 2015. Rimasauskas’s grift was pretty bold. He merely sent Google and Facebook invoices for items they hadn’t purchased and that he hadn’t provided, which the companies paid anyway. The invoices were accompanied by”forged invoices, contracts, and letters that falsely appeared to have been executed and signed by executives and agents of the Victim Companies, and which bore false corporate stamps embossed with the Victim Companies’ names, to be submitted to banks in support of the large volume of funds that were fraudulently transmitted via wire transfer.” He also spoofed emails that appeared to come from corporate execs. Apparently, no one checked.”

Cory Doctorow

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My Thoughts

Is it any wonder that they don’t care about people and privacy. They are swimming in so much cash that they loose 122 million simply by not having a process in place to know who they are working with. Remember, both these compnaies want to be trusted with different aspect of your business. Good luck.

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