May 13, 2024

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Produced For Charlie Coode : Wed, February 17, 2021

Sometimes you find yourself sending very similar information and links to different people - over and over again. So I’m fixing that. Back in the early days of the web, people used to publish links to stuff they found interesting. Sometimes it actually was. The challenge is that the links got long and unmanageable - who has the time? PLUS, just because I am interested - doesn’t mean that you automatically are. This page is a modern version of that principle and is ‘close to’ automatically generated as a result of our conversation.

The information on this page lies at the intersection of three things.

Frameworks | Vol 1 | Ed.1 {WIP}.001.jpegFrameworks | Vol 1 | Ed.1 {WIP}.001.jpeg

3 Notes

  1. If I missed anything - let me know.
  2. I have personal connections with most of the companies and people listed. if you would like an introduction - let me know.
  3. This is a living document, I might occasionally update it and will let you know if I do. But also - you can comment on it. If you right click on any part of the doc - a small plus sign will appear to the right. Click on that and comment away!

🔗 Two Links To My World

🕸️ Web Sites To Poke Around

📚 Books To Read

📻 Podcasts To Listen To

💭 People First Thought Leaders

These links go to their personal web sites, best way of grokking the thinking.

We have many partners all over the world. A selection that are relevant to our conversation.

  • Make Meaningful Work : Hong Kong
  • DigLife : UK : “Cooperating at Global Scale is Humanity’s Primary Challenge”
  • : A company I consider to be at the vanguard of personal data management and the emerging intention economy.

🔗 Links Resonating Right Now

Change Cadet.Home Page

The humane world of Ursula Franklin, a scientist who wanted us to question technology | CBC Radio

🗣 Relevant Tenets Of People First

I literally have hundreds. These are a few that came to mind as we were talking today.


Image (2).jpegImage (2).jpeg

Image (3).jpegImage (3).jpeg

Image (4).jpegImage (4).jpeg

Image (5).jpegImage (5).jpeg

Image (6).jpegImage (6).jpeg

📬 Contact Information

John Philpin - Founder, People First -

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Frameworks | Vol 1 | Ed.1 {WIP}.001