July 29, 2019

Ditch The Binary - Redux


As I finished this short post, I headed out to the ‘google-web-net’ to see if I could find a suitable and representative image. I was failing unitl I focussed on ‘Redux’. The images associated with Redux are highly Redux oriented, with a high degree of focus on their logo. What you might expect, given the name - but this is not about what they do. So I kept looking and discovered this.

Let go of everything or anything and breathe.Let go of everything or anything and breathe.

It’s as if Karin Edgett read my mind. The image was perfect and the words so in tune with my thoughts, that I couldn’t resist.

My entry ‘let go of everything or anything and breathe’ is part of a series of paintings and haiku exploring infinity in it’s transformative sense.

Karin Edgett

Back On Topic

Interesting to read this post from Doc Searls today - which also happens to be his birthday.


Halfway down he writes;

For individuals, demographics are absurd. None of us are an age, much less a range of them. We’re animals who live and work and have fun and do stuff. Eventually we croak, but if we stay healthy we acquire wisdom and experience, and find ourselves more valuable over time.

Yet we become less employable as we climb the high end of the demographic ladder, but not because we can’t do the work. It’s mostly because we look old and our tolerance for bullshit is low. Even our own, which is another bonus.

Doc Searls

Two main thoughts came to mind as I read those words.

Doc doesn’t mention the boomer, gen x,y or z, he doesn’t need to … but he is circling around that world. And it reminded me of one of my posts from three years ago - where I was on one of my rants about the inadequacy of business having to define its markets by generations - if you are 24 to 35 you want this - but if you are 60 plus - you want that etc etc. I couldn’t resist and wrote Generational Categorization Akin To Astrology and not entirely coincidentally a couple of years later : Generational Astrology Redux. I think the second article is better FWIW.

Please stop talking about, categorizing and yes – judging people based on their age – and I do mean judging. It is absolute nonsense and yet we continue to talk and think and communicate in this shorthand because it suits lazy people in corporate marketing departments as they attempt to build personas that purportedly understand us so they can better target their ‘content’. And yes it is – just content. Homogenized, bland, insipid content that drives people along their customer journeys and through their engagement funnels.

John Philpin (Beyond Bridges)

I even managed to weave in some ‘anti-content’ sentiment!

Second thing? Why the newsletter from a couple of weeks ago - Ditch The Binary, which included a quote from Ashton Applewhite.

“Look at gender. We used to think of it as a binary, male or female, and now we understand it’s a spectrum. It is high time to ditch the old-young binary, too.”

Ashton Applewhite.

Happy Birthday Doc … there’s definitely ‘Something In The Air’ …

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