March 29, 2018

Cognitive Elites


“A ‘cognitive elite’ will rise to power and influence, as a class of sovereign individuals ‘commanding vastly greater resources’ who will no longer be subject to the power of nation-states and will redesign governments to suit their ends.”

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Cognitive Elites … not the same as ‘Elites’ - and - be it a ‘discredited’ term or not - I have no doubt that those that seek to use technology to protect their interests - and not subjugate themselves to the Corporates will win out. They are thinking, acting, doing and rising above the media clutter. Who are those people? Well, maybe it is easier to point out who they are not …. they are not people;

  • who shake their heads and say ‘what can we do’
  • who continue to blindly use Facebook, despite all the proof of what they have done and continue to do
  • who have a single password across all of their accounts
  • who have a password like 1234password
  • … you get the picture

NO - it doesn’t include those people.

But it also is not about having superior intelligence. (Which is what the book was talking about.) No. That is not going to save you. And those people aren’t the cognitive elites that I think about.

To me - I think you are a cognitive elite if you think. At all. Your IQ can be below 100 - like half the population - but that doesn’t mean you can’t think … that is a choice.

Start to think. Start to act. Be Different.

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