April 10, 2021

Carpet Crawlers

ryan-searle-Amfd8M2nsSU-unsplash.jpgPhoto Credit : Ryan Searle Carpet Crawlers first featured on the Genesis album Lamb Lies Down On Broadway. But the version below is my favorite - lead vocals with Ray Wilson - supported by Steve Hackett’s band.

An extract of the lyrics;

There is lambswool under my naked feet The wool is soft and warm Gives off some kind of heat A salamander scurries Into flame to be destroyed Imaginary creatures Are trapped in birth on celluloid … The fleas cling to the golden fleece Hoping they’ll find peace Each thought and gesture Are caught in celluloid There’s no hiding in my memory There’s no room to avoid … The crawlers cover the floor In the red ochre corridor For my second sight of people They’ve more lifeblood than before They’re moving in time To a heavy wooden door Where the needle’s eye is winking Closing in on the poor … The carpet crawlers heed their callers: “We’ve got to get in to get out We’ve got to get in to get out We’ve got to get in to get out” … There’s only one direction in the faces that I see; It’s upward to the ceiling, where the chamber’s said to be Like the forest fight for sunlight, that takes root in every tree They are pulled up by the magnet, believing they’re free … Mild mannered supermen are held in kryptonite And the wise and foolish virgins giggle with their bodies glowing bright Through the door a harvest feast is lit by candlelight It’s the bottom of a staircase that spirals out of sight … The porcelain mannequin with shattered skin fears attack The eager pack lift up their pitchers, they carry all they lack The liquid has congealed, which has seeped out through the crack And the tickler takes his stickleback … The carpet crawlers heed their callers “We’ve got to get in to get out”

Peter Gabriel

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