May 31, 2019

AI and The Future Of Work

“I grow weary of commentators making the assertion – with little evidence or backup, aside from the comments of like-mined others – that automation of work will not lead to a decrease in jobs. The latest is Christopher Mims who seems to think robots will increase wealth in the countries adopting them.”

Stowe Boyd

The Full Story


I am right with him. Been saying it a long time. All that garbage about all the jobs that emerged form the industrial revolution … blah blah. It is different. The problem is that nobody is coming out and publically saying it - because the truth will set off an hysteria throughout society.

But if we did accept that it is different - we could pull our heads out of the ground and plan … strategically … and do something about it. Ot just have another world war … and cull a ‘few’ million.

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