November 3, 2020

A New Model For Business


Wouldn’t you know that one of the first real blog posts to go live on the newly revamped People First Blog is really not my work at all - but rather that of ‘People First Friend and Member’ … Jeff Mowatt.

Photo by Clark Tibbs on Unsplash

So what does business that puts people first actually mean in practice?

People-Centered Economic Development derives from a paper for the steering group for the Committee to (Re)Elect the President, describing a business model which operates for social benefit rather than maximising shareholder returns.

In the core argument which critiqued the fractional reserve banking system the paper asserted:

“Economics, and indeed human civilization, can only be measured and calibrated in terms of human beings. Everything in economics has to be adjusted for people, first, and abandoning the illusory numerical analyses that inevitably put numbers ahead of people, capitalism ahead of democracy, and degradation ahead of compassion.”

“Each of us who have a choice can choose what we want to do to help or not. It is free-will, our choice, as human beings.”

Jeff Mowatt

Read the whole article here ….

More about Jeff Mowatt, Director, People-Centered Economic Development UK.

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