June 5, 2019

Just Good Music Status


We are live and fully operational.

First - A warm welcome to two more new contributors:

Total Contributor Count Is Now 5 Micro Bloggers and more to come we hope.

As they arrive, and contributing for the first time, we are updating the contributors page.

We have done a little bit of CSS tweaking - but that can - and will - always be improved.

Web Mentions are working - courtesy of Joe Jenett

I have re-enabled my old associated twitter account. So, as we post here, it of course arrives on Micro.Blog - but it is now also syndicated to Just Good Music on Twitter I probably need to revisit who is being followed - and when happy will expose the feed on the site swell.

Please let me know if there is anything more you would specifically like to see.

One outstanding thing that I am wrestling to the ground.

I do want to work out how to bring the 🎵 discover feed onto this site.

According to this

https://micro.blog/posts/discover/music - should allow us to pull posts flagged 🎵 - I just need a suitable JSON feed plugin. Any recommendations?


If anybody feels inspired and want so to improve on the logo image - I am ready!

🎧 🎵 archive.justgoodmusic

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