April 29, 2017

How we are Programmed


Every time we went to the supermarket, my mom would give me a quarter to play Pac Man. As a good socialist kid, I thought the goal of the game was to help Pac Man, who was stranded in a maze and needed to find his friends, who were looking for him.

My games didn’t last very long.

The correct way to play Pac Man, of course, is to consume as much as possible while running from the ghosts that relentlessly pursue you. This was a valuable early lesson in what it means to be an American.

Great read - never looked at PacMan that way. But when you stop and think … have to say - it resonates. The article is long and winding and great, It is from Idle Words’ - ‘brevity is for the weak’ - a strap line that also resonates. Enjoy.

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