January 26, 2016

Wake Up Before It Is Too Late

As Dave Winer wrote in a post last week … “Anywhere but Medium

I remember how much RSS suffered for being dominated by Google. And Google was a huge company and could have afforded to run Google Reader forever at a loss. Medium is a startup, a well-funded one for sure, but they could easily pivot and leave all the stories poorly served, or not served at all.

Dave has a steady drum beat that continually raises the concerns of the growing silos across the web. We should pay more attention. Robert Scoble would be a start.

Then this popped into my feed today from L2 - Facebook is Taking Over the Magazine Industry. I hope she is wrong - but I feel that she is right - and something that publishers are allowing to happen.

Remember Joni Mitchell’s song ?

Apologies to purists … Joni’s voice never did it for me, great song writing aside.

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