October 1, 2015

Why You Don’t Want to be the Next Uber

The hard truth is that when we employ the idea of the Unicorn as a heuristic to inspire, guide, and shape our limited, priceless effort, imagination, time, and creativity, we are simply limiting ourselves to seeking magic over meaning, convenience over rebellion, riches over worthiness, myopia over a point: all that is the textbook definition of settling for mediocrity.

Here’s what the idea of the Unicorn really does: it infantilizes us with magical fairy dust thinking, focuses us on the short term, prioritizes making money over creating value, and demands that we create instantaneously crowd-pleasing blockbusters — not devote ourselves to our masterpieces.

Source : The Unicorn Bubble — Bad Words — Medium (https://medium.com/bad-words/the-unicorn-bubble-or-why-you-shouldn-t-want-to-be-the-next-uber-95bb823f6ca9)

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