September 9, 2015

The One-Page Dashboard Is So ‘Last Year’

The The one-page dashboard is a relic. Its form makes little sense in an era of touch screens, on-demand data, and interfaces crafted for interaction and user experience. It is the single purpose, brick-sized mobile phone compared to your smart phone.

Great article. It is so hard to keep up - but make no mistake - if you don’t, you will die. I remember when the ‘one page dashboard’ came out with SalesForce - it was revolutionary. Now ? Who cares. In the meantime, I have worked at and with companies that still send out activity reports, summary reports, people reports, success reports - with reports on the reports … and they just do not get read. At least by the people that count. The one page summary was meant to replace all of that - but for it to be really succesful - the company has to know and work with the Key Performance Indicators that are the measures of their business. The problem is that KPIs are more often decided by what is the easiest to track’ #FAIL. It is fascinating that games like Minecraft (a multi player virtual environment that is arguably more complex than most businesses) have such rich and engaging dashboards to manage play, leaves real world business tools in the dust. To see what I mean - take this Ted Talk from FIVE years ago to see how Jane McGonigal was thinking back then. This particular article doesn’t go as far as I do in my recommendations - BUT - it certainly highlights all the right things. The key - as always … People, Process and THEN Technology.  

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