August 10, 2015

Music In Movies

Buried in the pie chart above is an additional figure … Music - total spend £25,507 (yes - pounds - this was an English movie) … but that means just 3% of the total budget was given over to the music - whatever it was, musicians, producer, music supervisor …. that is not a lot. When you spend 100 million on a movie, 3% still leaves you with  3 million to find some decent music to play. But as costs for movies continue to fall, the eternal dilemma of paying the artist emerges. If you only have  $40,000 dollars - some of which will include the admin and management - which will get paid first - the pie declines close to zero. That is why I get excited by sites like Music Supervisor DOT com - who’s goal in life is to bridge the ever widening gap in properly resourcing films in the future and connecting movie makers and the music supervisors with great untapped music resources.

Source : American Film Market The Full Costs and Income of a £1million Indie Film (


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