July 8, 2015

Success Silos Just Do Not Work

If you track my thoughts, you will know that I am a big believer in ‘breaking down the silos’. I mean REALLY break - not pay lip service to it - through the introduction of ‘account managers, single point of contacts etc .. the fact is that these are just veneers to hide the real issues that enterprises have. Mid level management protecting their jobs, fiefdoms - even ’empires’ to try to hold on to what they consider is ’there’s.

Seems like Andrew Spittle a ‘Happiness Engineer’ at Automattic agrees …. though he is coming from a different angle - my bold in the quote below.

This whole trend of customer success is a tired repetition of customer support as an entry-level-dead-end job that people simply seek to move out of. Customer support, when done well, is a career. Every conversation, whether it’s reactive or proactive, is an oppotunity to learn from your customers. That is immensely valuable no matter your departmental definition. Every time you try to isolate certain elements into a single department and declare that proactive support won’t, and cannot, work with customer support you do the broader community harm. Every one of us is in this to help people succeed.

Source : Andrew Spittle at Automattic (http://andrewspittle.com/2015/07/02/customer-success/)

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