May 12, 2015


Paper53-1Paper53-1… it might be a little grandiose for a title, but this morning my iPad downloaded an update to Paper53’s app. I played with it for a little while - and decided to make a doodle. But what would the topic be ?

Each morning as I run through my Feedly - two sites are automatically found in my ‘MUST READ’ section. The awesome commentary and analysis of one Ben Thompson on his Stratechery site - and the know less awesome - but so much easier to grok in a couple of seconds - This is Indexed by Jessica Hagy.

I THINK Ben has been known to use Paper53 for some of his graphics that support his work - such as this one. Meanwhile Jessica, since 2006 has been relentless in delivering a daily index card to those that care (I do) with information, humor and unspoken commentary - though she seems to be artist enough not to need such a tool :-)

The Paper53 app has always been one of my favorites - but this morning’s download added some interesting features.

  • Draw a rough shape - and it creates a ‘perfect version’ of that shape.
  • Use the fill tool to solid fill an area
  • Highlight an area - and simply cut it out

… and probably a lot more that I haven’t yet discovered.

I was inspired - a few simple additions to an already great program - and now I can draw free hand my ideas in a neat and tidy format. Within 5 minutes of seeing the new potential of Paper 53 - I produced this doodle. I will do more. Somehow I doubt this will be daily like Jessica’s. Somehow I doubt the insights of Ben will be revealed through such posts. What I don’t doubt is how the iPad gets to be an increasingly useful tool for creation, thinking, ideation, sharing …. for anyone that cares to try the costume on.


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