April 25, 2013

Context Matters

JP-RangaswamiJP-RangaswamiAnother blinding post from JP

He starts off with Music, transitions into the context of music - disappears into album art - talking of which if you want to see two master modern musicians waxing lyrical on album art - ONE DAY check out Steven Wilson and Mikael Akerfeldt duelling over great album covers in Akerfeldts album collection. (This isn’t that link - but I love how often they place themselves in front of album covers to talk about their music.)

His (JPs) point on album covers and packaging is spot on even of itself - I for one love the album art of the past and mourn it’s passing …. But I also believe that packaging continues to be one avenue that musicians can use to differentiate and offer something special to their listeners, fans, customers …. But that’s another story.

From then he moves into the death of the artist Storm Thorgerson - another loss of a master - and whilst talking of packaging, wanders over to David Byrne’s book How Music Works - and yes I do need to go get that one - looks fascinating.

Not connected to the [Wired Article he wrote back in 2007](http://www.wired.com/entertainment/music/magazine/16-01/ff_byrne?currentPage=all\) - and which my good buddy John Parker brought to my attention through this post on our Just Good Music blog. (And yes - far too many JPs !) - but that man Byrne does think a LOT about music. Love It.

And then from there, JP moves onto the point of his story - that indeed Context Matters. Well - of course it does - but we do seem to forget. Still - don’t take my word for it - pop over to JP’s site now and read it all … and if nothing else - get to the last 4 paragraphs.

That’s All.

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