February 13, 2013


sproutssproutsWe all love them don’t we? No? Well, they do unfortunately fall into an unfortunate category of vegetables kids love to hate - but now we can get a little insight into why that might be ….

Now I Know – Sprouted.

So why am I bringing this up in the middle of this steady stream of business commentary and ‘future think’ ?

Well, funnily enough I have been trying out a system called SproutSocial - which I discovered a while back. As I always do with stuff that catches my eye - I signed up - and even mentioned on this blog that I had just been reading about it on Venture Beat.

So now - three and a half months later here I am again. Still using it. Interesting huh ?

This is the introduction to a series of posts about Sprout Social. I am using this tag to bring all the posts together - I am that impressed with them - but more of that later. For now click through - take a look - and more to come - I promise.

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