February 5, 2013

Cold Calling and Social Sales


I came across this graphic today in Forbes - and if you click this link, you can read the whole article by Jim Keenan

But let me share a key point made by Jim :

Communication has changed selling and the way we sell for years. Mail ended the carnival pitchman and catalogues were created. The phone put an end to the door-to-door sales, and cold calling was born. Now, social media is changing communication and how sales are made – yet again.

I disagree - “the phone put an end to door-to-door sales - and cold calling was born” …. really ? You mean all those door to door sales people weren’t cold calling ? Cold calling has been around forever and while generally it is associated with telephone calling - the fact is - anyone who approaches a prospect who was not expecting such an interaction - is being approached ‘cold’.

YOU - the sales person might well have researched and discovered all about that person in advance so that when you do cold cal that person - you know enough to be able to engage quickly - and personably - but the initial connect is COLD. Because the person you are connecting to is not expecting the call - regardless of how well prepared you are.

Even the example that the article opens up with - demonstrating the power of social media - and how twitter can be used to accelerate the conversation etc - does not get away with the fact that the initial call that when David first approached Sydney - Twitter or no - the call - as described on this article was ‘cold’.

So no - cold calling is not dead. True it is not as used as much in these modern times - but it can work - and still does - witness the example in the article !!!

Social allows you the seller - and you the buyer to be better informed, to know more. It increases the chances that you can know the person on the other side of the table - before they get to the other side of the table.

But - it does NOT remove the importance and occasional necessity of the cold call.

Tomorrow - I am going to drill into that graphic a little - because it doesn’t make sense either !

UPDATE 10th Feb - check out this post from Jeff Mayernik

Please understand, if you haven’t interacted with them before and they don’t know you – It’s still a cold call even if you know their dog’s birthday.

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