January 12, 2013

The Role Of The Manager And Agent In Business

jerry-maguirejerry-maguireI wonder why there is no Jerry Maquire equivalent in business. You know - the kind of person who works as a business persons agent / manager - represents you and NOT the company you are seeking to join.

Wouldn’t that be powerful ?

Interim agencies are the closest that come to my mind - but it still doesn’t do it for me.

More discussion as part of my ‘Future of Work’ threads running through this blog, but for now - here is the 50,000 foot view:

Musicians, actors, sports people - essentially the people that ‘entertain’ us - are really the only professions that have professional representation - managers, agents etc - that is a negotiator / business person that acts on your behalf in working with entities that seek that individual’s services.

And I am not talking about head hunting / recruiting - they are paid for by the hiring body - and so at the end of the day are representing the best interests of that entity.

Is this another job that will emerge as humanity moves more and more into a portfolio life style of work ? #seriousquestion

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