January 11, 2013

Al Gore Richer Than Mitt Romney ?

Al Gore and Mitt RomneyAl Gore and Mitt RomneyInteresting piece on Al Gore’s rise to wealth. Of course most of it accumulated since his 2000 loss to George The Second. The article suggests that he might be worth more than Mitt - but since we don’t really know what he is worth - not sure we can state that with certainty.

Also - Mitt only lost last year - come back in 12 years - lets see how that wealth has multiplied then :-)

But enough of that - here’s the thing that I have missed before ….

More important, in 2003 Gore joined the board of directors at Apple (AAPL). The position came with $50,000 a year in fees and an accumulated tens of millions in Apple stock. Since 2001 Gore has also been a senior advisor to Google (GOOG), where he received significant pre-public stock options.

Could Al have been the leak to Google - not Eric ?

Reads the full piece here : The making of a businessman: How Al Gore got rich.

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