December 31, 2012

The Last Thing You Ever Need Near A Problem Is An Expert

That was our mantra back at Group Partners - still is I think. Definitely a value I hold dear - not to exclude - but to not close off other views.

And then there was that book a few years back - remember case study after case study where crowd sourcing problems found lost submarines - people who ‘knew nothing’ helped the military find their lost subs - and I am NOT talking about The Men Who Stared At Goats - thought that is a pretty interesting story as well ….

And then I continue to be amazed by professional stock watchers lord it on the airwaves about how this or that company are going to go one way or the other - and watch it do the exact opposite - and on a related issue - how every quarter the professionals confidently predict what will happen in Apple’s quarterly analyst meetings - and compare it to what the ‘amateurs’ have to say - the amateurs beat out the pros EVERY TIME - have done for years.

So - with all that said - not surprised at all to see this ….

Kaggle President Jeremy Howard: Amateurs beat specialists in data-prediction competitions.

But VERY interested to learn more about the company.


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