October 21, 2012

Customer Centricity

customer-centricityA while back I started writing about a method called The 4 CS that I came up with longer ago than I care to admit to - with a focus on





The next C in the series is ‘The Customer’.

My focus throughout my career has been the customer and I remain customer centric in all that I do. To quote my own bio “no matter where he is focussed at any given moment, he knows that nothing can be managed in isolation and always approaches the challenges holistically, not as a ‘point solution’. As he says “While there are many things that can make an organization successful, it is often contextual. The core focus for success has to be your customer and the corollary - not understanding your customer - will maximize the ‘opportunity for failure’.”

This fifth post is to make you think about your audience for that communication piece you are creating. The Customer.

You need to get into their mind, their desires, their needs, their thoughts. Write to them, not to you. they aren’t interested in;

  • what your product does - they are interested in what your offer will do for them.
  • what people they don’t care about say about your offer, they want to know what their friends, peers, bosses think about it.

Customer Centricity - it is so much more - but here is a start.

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