April 3, 2012

4 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks!

your-blog-sucksI reposted a piece from Hubspot just the other day - calling out one of their ‘rules’ - “it’s not about you. This is that post.

Important - because Roger Hoyt has just posted 4 reasons why your blog sucks - number one being : It’s Not Personal.

It’s Not Personal

Contrary to popular belief, blogging IS personal. Some so called “Gurus” make the claim that you don’t want to be Personal, or at the least too Personal. Why is this a lie? The average person comes to your blog to read your insights, your thoughts on a particular subject. They like how you write and enjoy your thoughts. They might even share in the same thought process as you.

If you’re trying to write a blog based on Entrepreneurship and you’re afraid to share your current income, let alone your income goals, people won’t listen to you. At least not very many. What about Debt? Should you share your debt with others? Sure, why not, especially if you have a monetary goal that you want to obtain. This gives people a clear view of your success in the market. Have you succeeded in getting rid of that debt? Have you succeeded in achieving that dream of traveling all over the world?

My conclusion - there are different kinds of blogs - and I don’t think these two pieces of advice are at odds with each other - though at first glance you might think so.

Yes - be personal - but in that action - be relevant. You come to this blog to read about my take on business, marketing, technology and other things that float my boat. The comments are personal - but I am not so personal - in this blog to tell you that I saw a great band last night, or write a commentary on a new movie. That’s where the focus gets lost. You don’t care about that - and if you did - then you would be following one of my other blogs indexed to the right :-)

So yes - be personal - but also be focussed and relevant.

Roger’s original post : 4 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks!.

Oh - and BTW - this topic seems to be very popular right now - here’s another link to check out -  Why Your Blog Sucks! - and yes, that is where I borrowed the image from :-)

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