February 3, 2011

Startup Suicide - Rewriting the Code

rewritingThis just whipped into my inbox at speed this afternoon. I read it. It resonated - and I wanted to share it. Just see how the article opens up:

The benefits of customer and agile development and minimum features set are continuous customer feedback, rapid iteration and little wasted code. But over time if developers aren’t careful, code written to find early customers can become unwieldy, difficult to maintain and incapable of scaling. Ironically it becomes the antithesis of agile. And the magnitude of the problem increases exponentially with the success of the company. The logical solution? ‘Re-architect and re-write’ the product.

For a company in a rapidly changing market, that’s usually the beginning of the end.

The Full Article Is Here : Startup Suicide - Rewriting the Code

Passed on - with thanks to : AlwaysOn

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